Pallet racking warehouse design

We’ve been providing pallet racking storage solutions to the warehouse and commercial facilities throughout the UK for many years, so we’d like to think we know what we’re talking about.  Our technical sales team our happy to guide you from concept and design through to supply, installation and beyond.

We offer a unique, full-design management package, with each project being designed, supplied and supervised by our in-house team of experienced industry professionals. We are able to offer completely integrated solutions and together with our personal service, this results in maximised effeciency, complete integration and seamless installation.

Pallet Clearances
Pallet acking systems should be designed to provide adequate clearances both laterally between adjacent pallets/loads, between pallet loads/uprights, and also vertically between the top of a load and the bottom of the above beam. Adequate clearances should also be provided between handling equipment and the pallet racking itself. It should be noted that changes in the handling equipment or the product stored on the pallets can materially affect the clearances originally designed and care should be taken to ensure that these remain adequate.

Selecting the right pallet racking system is dependent on:

  • The type of goods and weight you are going to store
  • The amount of warehouse floor space available for the pallet racking installation
  • The speed of picking, how many pallet trucks invlolved and the throughput
  • The type of handling equipment used

How do we get a quote?

  1. Firstly we will arrange a date and time to suit your schedule.
  2. Once on site, we will then listen to your requirements and what your ultimate goal is.
  3. We then survey the given area, have a look at the type of pallets, weight etc. and what needs to be stored.
  4. We'll ask whether you need frame protectors or accessories and we will let you know if anti-collapse mesh is required to the pallet racking, to comply with Health & Safety.
  5. We will then come back to you with a design, quote and lead times on the delivery and installation.
  6. Finally our skilled and experienced team of fitters (Seirs Approved) will install your pallet racking.
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