Pallet Racking Inspections & Process

Inspection Process

For many end-users of industrial storage equipment, racking inspections can be a time consuming exercise and a distraction from their normal day to day activities.Current legislation requires an employer to ensure that, where work equipment is exposed to conditions causing deterioration liable to result in dangerous situations. They must ensure that the equipment is inspected on a regular basis, to ensure that health and safety conditions are maintained, and that any deterioration can be detected and remedied in good time. The employer must also ensure that the competent person has the necessary knowledge, training and experience to do so. Pallet racking safety inspections carried out by Oracle Storage Systems Ltd can assist end-users and employers in achieving this goal.

Our experience of over 20 years working within the industrial storage equipment industry guides us as to what is, and what is not assessed as actionable in your storage area, taking in to account not purely the racking system itself, but the environment, systems of work, palletised loads, MHE operator behaviour and even the seasonal aspects that can effect levels of damage and associated dangers.

By carrying out these inspections on behalf of our customers Oracle Storage Systems Ltd can also identify where end-users can save money on the replacement/repair of any identified non-conforming components without compromising Health and Safety standards, whilst helping you to reduce the lifetime costs associated with pallet racking maintenance. 

Inspection reference documents:

The Industrial Storage Equipment Safety Inspections are carried out in accordance with the CEN European Standards EN15635.
Federation Europeene de la Manutention 10.2.04: Guidelines for the safe use of static steel racking and shelving.

Other industry guidelines followed:

SEMA Guideline No6 Guide to the conduct of Racking and Shelving Surveys.

At Oracle Storage Systems Ltd our inspectors use digital data pen technology to record the findings of the pallet racking safety inspection. This technology allows the inspector to leave a hard copy of the pallet racking inspection report with the general manager upon completion, from which the general manager can react quickly to any identified hazards. An electric copy of the inspection report is automatically generated by the data pen which can be processed quickly by our maintenance team should any damage components be identified within the report. This makes the whole process quicker and more efficient for the customer thereby reducing downtime and disruption.

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