Oracle's cantilever racking systems are designed to suit your particular application & product, maximising storage space

Every organisation, large or small, is constantly looking for ways to gain an edge or advantage over the competition - reducing costs, increasing capacity and improving efficiency.

Oracle Storage Systems can help you to achieve these goals and much more, with our Cantilever Racking systems.

Experience and knowledge of the industry is essential, taking into account all relevant conditions and factors to ensure the optimum installation.

Using Cantilever Racking will maximise the capacity by allowing product storage heights of up to 10m and variable arm lengths.

Using Cantilever Racking allows immediate access to stock - reducing handling, easing stock rotation and improving turnaround.

Using Cantilever Racking means control is maximised by reducing wastage and improving presentation to customers and staff for stocktaking.

EFFICIENCY is increased throughout the organisation, costs are reduced and productivity increased.

Versatility and Flexibility
An important feature of our Cantilever Racking systems is versatility and flexibility:
• Heights up to 10m and unlimited rack lengths
• Arm lengths 0.5m to 2.5m with variable carrying capacities
• Cantilever frame uprights either single or double sided
• Columns are punched to both sides to allow future conversion
• Replacement of damaged components is simple and inexpensive

Cantilever Racking is perfect for storing timber, sheet material, plastic pipe, sections, plate, flats, tube, rounds, coils and many other applications

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